Birds in the picture above

20 Mar

Continuing on the subject of birds- the birds in the picture are Green Bee-eaters. They are such colorful, cheery looking birds with their slender wire-like tail feathers. It looks like evolution just decided to add the two feathers as an after-thought. Most of the mornings, I am stuck to my coffee and newspaper after the children leave to school with their dad. Sometimes, I have the sense to listen to the call of the beautiful birds that sit on the trees near our balcony and even rarely, I pick up the camera to take a few pictures. Now my son has picked up this habit of taking pictures of the birds we see. Of course, it could just be his fascination at how well the camera zoom works, he is more of a all-things-mechanical kind of a guy than a nature person, but I think he is slowly discovering how awe-inspiring nature could be, how a tv camera can not capture the feeling of seeing something that beautiful with  his own falliable human-eye.

More pictures of birds to come, some rare, some not-so-rare but all of them beautiful and makes me appreciate the chance to be here – at this time, at this place and with my family. A feeling of peace and wonder.


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