Why Sajjid Khan might not be a complete idiot – Janus Nation II

2 Apr

A friend of mine from USA posted this from The Vigil Idiot. This cartoonist is hilarious. The point I want to make is, this is the kind of comment I would have made a year ago when I was living in Europe and was an Overseas Citizen of India. Now that I am a resident of India and read the ‘Times of India’ everyday, I can tell you that this movie just might work for some people -even in this enlightened century!

The opinion of my friends in States and in the Indian Metropolitan cities is the opinion of ‘Economic Times’ – as I had posted previously – it is about the India with Hi-Tech gadgets, cool software, Filson+Apolis Philanthropist Briefcase (whatever hell that means) and salaries in the range of 2 million rupees per annum (entry-level). Himmatwalla, on the other hand, is for the rest of the country, that still has an illiteracy rate of just above 25%

Are there villages still terrorized by Thakurs with names like ‘Sher Singh’ – unfortunately, yes. Is the perception that women in skirts are insensitive and lack compassion and hence should be taught a lesson, prevalent? Again, unfortunately, yes. Do women who get raped in India still have to marry the guy who raped them? Yes, that is still going on too. Women putting up with abuse for the sake of their family’s ‘reputation’ and ‘honour’ – no, not far from truth.

But if your question is, should movies like this be made? NO!!!!

My generation went through the most god-awful period in movie-making, story-telling and costume era of Bollywood. Were our sacrifices not enough? Do our children have to pay too?

For heaven’s sake, leave us our last neurons, Sajjid Khan!!!


2 Responses to “Why Sajjid Khan might not be a complete idiot – Janus Nation II”

  1. Kasam April 2, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    ROTFL!!! Stealing the link for my FB page….

    • karma2000 April 3, 2013 at 1:56 pm #

      Yeah, Vigil Idiot is funny. Do you remember all the David Dhawan movies that got released when we were at IITM? Me and the girls went to watch them because we wanted some mindless entertainment after the quizzes.

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