Daily Prompt: Spaced-out!

27 Jun

My son is a big star wars fan. He gets dressed up in a clone costume and builds lego star ships for hours. His clones go on secret missions to find rare gems that will somehow help them win the war against the droids. His spaceships have hyper-drives that can take him through hyperspace and thus evade the droid army cordoning the planet where those gems are to be found.

I am an adult and when I think of hyperspace, I am thinking of equations and theories. I am thinking how this cannot be explained but in analogies. And then there he is, a child that just accepts something like hyperspace might exist and can be used to get to from point A to point B without much time-loss. I marvel at his capacity to take a concept like that and turn it into a plaything.

To make sure that he does not get the wrong idea about space and spaceships, we made him watch Dr. Michio Kaku‘s science show about popular science-fiction. Now in his games, he includes nano-batteries to power his lightsaber – a nod to reality and science but a game nevertheless.

What has all this got to do with a road trip? Well, if I could have a planetary version of such a spaceship with which I can travel without time-loss, I would travel the entire planet and feast my eyes upon all the wonders of nature and be back home by dinner. I would visit every place mentioned in the ‘Planet Earth‘ BBC series.


A planet cruiser designed by my son


If it could be a time-machine and can take me back in time with a reverse gear, then I would like to be a 7-yr old with a wish to fly a spaceship, perhaps not into battle but to end a war by finding the magic gem.


Inspired by today’s daily prompt exercise:


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