Addendum to yesterday’s post on romantic movies

1 Jul

The title of my last post was a bit sarcastic but the rest of the post got serious, so there was some kind of discontinuity which needs clarification.

I did not realize how many people would agree with me about the post on watching romantic movies. I started writing that post with humour in mind but somehow it got serious half-way through. That was because of two things:

  1. Jiah Khan, a Bollywood starlet committed suicide because of her broken relationship and career

  2. Article on how the young generation today does not want to take a chance on love because they feel they cannot ‘afford’ to be emotionally involved

The post about romantic movies might not work for all cultures but especially in India, the young minds are very much in thrall to this kind of silver screen magic. Of course, it would be stupid of me to blame movies or media solely for anything that happens to our children. It is in our hands as parents to guide our young ones through forests of make-belief and illusions. Either in a relationship, at school, at work or whatever is the measure of success – our children should be given the confidence to fight for what they believe in or if it comes to that, look for alternatives.

I do not know enough about clinical depression to say if it can be completely dealt with or not. But I know people who had had the courage to accept that they needed help and got that help. Their lives are not like in the movies or in the books. Their lives are not easy as they battle with their inner monsters regularly, but they try hard to keep going.

The world is a beautiful place and no one should believe that his/her life is not worth living because a relationship failed or that the grades were not good enough. They should also not cut themselves off from emotional attachment. They should form those relationships based on reality and not be carried away by the twittering birds and the sunshine and the rainbow colors. Parents, please talk to your children about what they are watching. They probably need no lectures but they might need a nudge here or there to help them understand. This does not meant they should not dream but they should be able to change direction and fly.

A fellow-blogger had said how her friend was depressed wondering why the kind of happy-endings do not happen to her. Happy coincidences happen to everyone and if you work hard on that and take a chance, then you might find happiness, hopefully the kind that does not just end after a few pages or hours. 

Now I have waxed eloquent, exactly the way I did not want to -maybe I do secretly like Nick Sparks. But then today is my son’s birthday and that always makes me sentimental. And I do have a list of movies that I would like to watch with him.


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