The Shopping Conundrum

22 Jul

I was so torn between writing about Neal Stephenson and shopping. As you can see from the title shopping won! Shopping always wins! If you do not believe me, take a close look around your own place – it might not be clothes or shoes, perhaps its CDs or DVDs, figurines, ceramic pots? See, I told you, shopping wins – it is like the gambling maxim ‘the house always wins’.

You see, my husband has got a generous bonus for his hard work and as it is me, that is keeping him sane and sound of mind, I consider myself eligible for a part of that bonus too. And it is that time of the year – Sale! The decision was made. So what is this conundrum? No, not just the Stephenson Vs Shopping but what to wear to go shopping!

Appropriate clothing for a shopping-spree – something that needs careful consideration. I need to wear something that can be taken-off and put back on individually. Some do make that mistake – they wear a lovely summer dress to go try out clothes – not good! How are you going to try on blouses if you don’t have a trouser/skirt to go with it? You cannot just go out and get another size either – you will have to take the blouse off, put on your summer-dress and then go out and someone else will take your cabin in the mean time! Dilemma! So wear jeans and t-shirt.


One Response to “The Shopping Conundrum”

  1. penchie July 23, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    so funny! i love it!

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