Confessions of a serial reader (Season I Episode II) -“Going Postal”

25 Jul

I wrote a post sometime ago on Terry Pratchett but did justice neither to the book nor the author. But then, I do not think I can write enough in superlatives about the Discworld series that is any different from all the praise that has been heaped upon it already.

‘Interesting Times’ continues to be my no.1 favourite among the Discworld series but no.2 is difficult. ‘Going Postal’ would be by no.1b and ‘Thief of Time’ would be no.1c. Oh wait, there is ‘Hogfather’ and ‘The Last Hero’ and ‘Pyramids’. Fine, fine, you got me, all the Discworld books (except the first two) are no.1 on my list.

After ‘Death’, I am very very partial towards Lord Vetinari – he is a dream. He is the ‘Patrician’ of the city-state of Ankh-Morpork in the Discworld. He is a trained assassin and believes that the skills he gained in the ‘Assassins Guild’ is better put to use as a politician. He is intelligent, subtle, devious and wears black. I love him!

I do seem to have a preference for slightly grey characters in the books I read. No, don’t even think about Christian Grey- read my ‘About Me’ before you even get that dirty idea! What I mean by grey is – these are practical men who know the difference between right and wrong and stay mostly on the right side. Mostly. They are not too stupid to be flexible enough in their definition of “right side”. It is never for ‘just’ monetary profit that they let the rules slide, they understand you might have to bend to get things done. Like Han Solo, these characters are all rogues but fascinating ones!

Going Postal

This is why I love ‘Going Postal’, it has not just one but two such characters in it- Lord Vetinari and Alfred Spangle (a.k.a) Moist von Lipwig. ‘Going Postal’ also beautifully melds magic and technology and makes a semi-geek like me flitter around in happiness. I am not a real nerd or a geek, these are powerful definitions and distinctions. I am a nerd by marriage and a semi-geek by nature. I am the kind that like Big Bang theory, not necessarily know all the theories but the witty references makes me smug.


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