Sweets Vs Wooden toy

1 Aug

[Order] [Order in the courtroom]

In the case of ‘Sweets Vs Wooden Toy’, I plead not guilty, your honour!

Let me present my case:

India is a complex nation. If you cross a state border in India, you will be in a different culture altogether- different language, cuisine, festivals and traditions. It should actually be called ‘Indian Federation’. We are a cauldron of flavours and texture like a stew rather than the uniform sliced bread.I get carried away by food, sometimes. Please bear with me.

I am a tamilian from South India and had had very little exposure to Hindi, which is a common language spoken in many parts of North India (north Indian languages have some common roots). Bollywood movies, for example, are in Hindi and for a South Indian, not always easy to follow, if the words are not something you hear everyday.

I learnt Hindi in school as my third language – after English and my mother tongue Tamil. My proficiencyin Hindi can be summed up thus: I can read nursery rhymes in Hindi but cannot understand poetry.

20 years later…..

I live in Goa now where the state language is Konkani but almost everyone speaks a smattering of Hindi. I can converse in Hindi and I was mighty impressed with myself as I could pick up the language after being away from the country for 13 years during which there was absolutely no chance to practise it at all. So I try and keep in touch via Hindi movies.

Now I have realized, learning Hindi from Bollywood movies is a bad move. I shall tell you why. Remember my post on ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Diwani‘? Well, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and then forgot all about its songs. My Zumba instructor picked one of the songs for our class, recently. While we were all taking a break from sweating it out, one of the girls sang the song aloud and I told her not to think about food while working-out.

She was surprised : ‘what food?’

Me : ‘the laddoos, of course’

She : ‘what laddoos?’

Me : ‘the one that aunty is making in the song’

(Silence and then peals of laughter)

It was carefully explained to me in simple words (in English) that the lyrics says ‘lattu’ which is a top (something like a beyblade for you young people) and not ‘laddoo’ which is a famous Indian sweet that features as the spinach-equivalent in the cartoon series ‘Chotta Bheem’.

I call upon the non-prejudiced people to make a pronouncement on whether I was wrong in assuming that they are singing about balls of sugar and flour as opposed to a wooden top, which is a plaything. The below translation was provided by a friend.

Dear beloved person, when you assaulted me with a stream of water from a liquid projectile launcher, an ostensibly normal and balanced female became alcoholic
When you wore denim and oscillated your pelvic girdle in one direction, the adjoining resident’s sister-in-law began showing symptoms of an obsession-driven psychological disorder

(Balam pichkaari jo tune mujhe maari 
Toh seedhi-saadhi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Jeans pehenke jo tu ne maara thumka
Toh lattu padosan ki bhaabi ho gayi)

Day 116/365 - 26 Apr - Oh I missed you!

Spinning top

Now any reasonable human would assume from the way the song is shot and the dance moves, it is about the neighbour’s sister-in-law making laddoos as part of the celebration while ‘you’ (the hero/heroine in this case) are dancing around wearing jeans. I do not, of course, understand the cosmic implications of wearing jeans but lazing around when the next-door neighbour is labouring away making baskets of laddoos- sounds like the moral of the song. And as you can see, there was even alcohol in play. Need I say more?

Here is the video:

So members of the jury, what say you? Guilty or not guilty? I leave you to your judgement!

ps: I do not know if the translation was done by our esteemed friend ‘Google’ but seriously ‘pelvic girdle’?!?


7 Responses to “Sweets Vs Wooden toy”

  1. english2belle August 1, 2013 at 9:00 am #

    Delightful video. I vote for “lattu” – the spinning top.

    Years and years ago, I used to watch Indian music videos on cable TV because they were so vibrant and entertaining. I will never understand a word of the language, but have great appreciation for the talent, creativity and ingenuity that goes into making them. Thank you for sharing this one!

    • karma2000 August 2, 2013 at 12:02 pm #

      If you are interested I can do a series on this. I have enough material for an entire book when it comes to indian movie songs 😀

  2. Akshita August 1, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    The translation of the song had me in splits! 😀

  3. Maria August 2, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    My cousin sent me the English translation via whatsapp some days ago…n i did not know where she was coming from. Now i do.

  4. karma2000 August 2, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    Akshita, Maria – I have no idea where the translation came from. Google couldn’t do a good job when I tried unless and until some one typed in the whole thing in devnagari script.

  5. birdblogger36 August 11, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    Hahaha love this! Hindi songs can’t really teach you anything. I know that after I have spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out the meaning of a song , literally! They make no sense , ( you left your girlfriend in delhi, but why did you break the traffic signals in the process? And if you did , how are you not singing this behind the bars?)but I still love them!

    • karma2000 August 12, 2013 at 3:50 am #

      Well, a bit of casual vandalism is called for when you leave your girlfriend I suppose 😀

      I know what you mean by loving them inspite of them not making any sense. It is the catchy tunes. I have also come to a stage, I do not watch movies for a message, mostly for the entertainment. And Indian movies are that, if not anything else. Paisa vasool, as they say 😀

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