All that shines is not metal

5 Aug

Anthrax is not a only spore-bacteria that can kill you, it is also a heavy metal music band. Now people are going to lynch me for calling this band ‘mere’ heavy metal. The correct form would be ‘thrash metal’ as opposed to other kinds of metal music like ‘death metal’, ‘power metal’, even ‘Christian metal’. There are so many types of metal music, normal metals from the periodic table would pale and die in shame. But why would I know something like that, you wonder? Because my husband is a big fan of all things that sound like noise.

His explanation is ‘his kind of music’ is energizing,’every other kind of music’ is just that, music, with no hidden agenda. I do ask him why he cannot just drink coffee like the rest of us when he needs energizing. Well, let us not get into the tea-drinker vs coffee-drinker domestic issues we have at our home. That is a different story. Coming back to music, I like music where I can understand the lyrics, he prefers music which is just loud and can make your brain ooze out of your ears.

But 14 years of living together has brought some acceptance, if not complete understanding of his kind of music. So when I listened to Napalm Death’s ‘song’, for a better word, it was surprising that there was yet another depth to that ‘music’. Please note, Napalm Death are a grind core band – not a metal band. This is just that you know, those people you see in black leather jackets with metal all over are more sophisticated than you think – these are completely different genres of music with their own fan bases, they are not all just hardcore punks (which btw is another kind completely).

In Napalm Death’s case, I could not understand a single word they ‘sing’. It sounds more like a dog that is trying to get a cat’s hairball out of its digestive system. Perhaps Gollum is their back-up vocalist? I do not know. My husband assured me that he and his friends had counted the ‘barks’ and the number corresponds to the lyrics. I was astonished that there are actually lyrics to this din and that someone would actually spend time counting the barks. Look up the definition of ‘nerd’.

My husband is not the only nerd in my life, I worked for 12 years in a ‘nerd house’, a.k.a ‘software development’. Our product was developed with love, passion and coffee – litres and litres of coffee (if you do not know what litres is, please look up the metric system). No, it was not Java based but had lots of java in it, if you know what I mean (sad, I can’t do the eyebrow wiggle in my blog). The product itself was for recording music from internet radios and youtube videos among others and we could live test it with any music we wanted and watch any video we wanted. I drank coffee all day (we had a great Espresso machine) and watched youtube videos with my feet up. And you thought only working for Google would be fun.


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