Kicking Ass in the Marvel Universe

20 Aug

Some times you come across a movie purely by chance or because the DVD was being sold in the supermarket near you for EUR 5.99 – you can call it destiny or a discount but it makes all the difference between a boring evening and an exciting new discovery.

Cover of "Kick-Ass"

‘Kick Ass’ was such a movie. I hadn’t even heard of it till my husband brought home the DVD. We both thought it was going to be some kind of junk movie with a wannabe-superhero. It turned out to be a movie with a wannabe-superhero but it was not junk – it was trash! The genre, I mean. We loved every minute of it! From the scene with Nicholas Cage shooting a little girl to the last sequence with a DIY-drone kit, it was awesome. Matthew Vaughn – a new favourite director was added to our watch-list.

I found out later from that veritable source of information IMDB, that Vaughn had produced ‘Lock, Stock and two Smoking barrels’ – which has been a long-time favourite of mine. The only movie where I actually liked Jason Stratham plus Sting stung as an actor (pardon the pun). The film was directed by Guy Ritchie (yes, forgive the man his marital error and move on) and is devilishly humourous that we quote it often (minus the bad language, of course).

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

‘Kick Ass’ was not just a trash movie in the best of Tarantino tradition, it also looked like a tribute to ‘Matrix’ (Part I, the only one that made sense) and it has the most politically-incorrect character in the form of ‘Hit-Girl’- Chloe Grace Moretz plays that role to such perfection that it outshines her just lost milk-teeth. I admit, with ‘Game of Thrones’ playing to a wider audience now, it is not that scary or a novelty to see a little girl kick much bigger men in their private parts, but in 2010, it was.

Matthew Vaughn did a fantastic job making the story believable and quirky at the same time. The biggest achievement? He gave Nicholas Cage a role that can be called that – a character, a brilliant loveable character. The whole movie was such a surprise package – looks like a low-production slapstick on the outside but is high-quality entertainment once you press ‘play’.

Now let us move on to the Marvel Universe.


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