How I met your father*

27 Aug

Children, gather around, according to the caption in the movie ‘The Notebook’, every love story has a great story behind it. And I believe my love story could make at least a 3-hr bollywood movie, if not a 8-season strong sitcom. So sit back and listen……

Btw, all copyrights reserved, except for the title (* -Thank you CBS)!

(Cue the voice over by Kallu)

It all started one balmy evening in May 1998. I came out of the open-air-theater at my Alma Mater IITM after watching the harrowing movie ‘Seven’. I was ambushed by these German exchange students C and F. C and F introduced me to this new German guy A. They told him what a helpful girl I have been and that they would unhesitatingly recommend me as a helpful person of small stature. My family ingrained in me that hospitality is next to Godliness and in my befuddled state (Brad Pitt was awesome and the ending was so astounding) I agreed to be sort of his Indian-friend and gave him my email-address.

Least did I know that being a ‘sort of a friend’, is going to be looking very different a year from then.

It would be stupid not to admit that he was attractive. He was intelligent, intense but also made smart-ass comments which got on my nerves, especially since making smart-ass comments was my job! Stage was set for a roller-coaster ride – the typical Hindi movie plot where boy-meets-girl, girls-hates-boy-in-the-beginning.

He added me to his mailing-group and in the next few days I was bombarded by mails that I had actually no interest in reading – they were emails for people back in Germany about the road conditions in India and his musings on driving. I did not need to know that, seriously! I kept on deleting these emails without reading. I was mighty annoyed by then.

Then one day, a few friends decided to go to the ice-cream parlour nearby – a favourite hangout among the students. He was invited too (see my note above on Indian hospitality). As fate would have it, all my friends dropped out due to some reason or the other, so I expected the plan to be canceled.

I was in my pyjamas in the dorm room when I heard the announcement over the PA-system that there is someone to see me. I go down to the lobby and surprise, surprise, there he was, seated in one of those cheap plastic chairs that you find at lobbies and airports in India. I was taken aback – what is he doing here? He says he came to pick me up, to go out. I sensibly pointed out that the others had dropped out and he says very reasonably, “but you are still going right?” I did not realize that Germans take your words literally and as a promise.

So not to be a spoil-sport, I take him out to this place and we order our respective ice-creams. The ice-creams arrived looking delicious and festively decorated and I was just about to dig in to get my sugar-fix, when all of sudden, I couldn’t see the ice-cream or the man sitting in front of me anymore…

Is love blind? Turn the page for what happened next.. (scroll down to get the next page link)


4 Responses to “How I met your father*”

  1. uber3d August 27, 2013 at 7:29 pm #

    Arnab Goswami style: What happened after that? The nation want to know Vani. You have to answer… 🙂

    • karma2000 August 28, 2013 at 1:11 am #

      sorry, the rest only on the premium version. The nation will just have to wait and…. pay 😀


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