Deleted scene from the previous post

29 Aug
Pistachios on ice cream, Salzburg, Austria

Pistachios on ice cream, Salzburg, Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our son (yes, he reads most of my posts) pointed out that I forgot to add important details to my last post- which flavour ice-cream sundaes did we order!

Here are some more yummy details.

I am not sure what my husband ordered as at that time he was just some guy that wanted to go out for an ice-cream in a hot country, no big deal. I think he ordered Butterscotch because even today he thinks that is an awesome name for an ice-cream flavour which probably has very less butter and no whiskey at all in it. Or maybe he ordered a sandwich -*shrug* I really can’t say as I wasn’t paying any attention to him or his orders.

(I am sure he will claim that the present is no different)

Anyway, I know what I ordered – a ‘Honey Bee’ – a delicious, mouth-watering creation with chocolate and coffee ice-cream, topped with chocolate sauce, honey, garnished with chopped nuts and coconut sprinkles. Looked a bit like the picture above.


Those were the days, when I could eat all that with such impunity and not worry about waistlines, coronary heart diseases and diabetes.

No, ice-cream sundaes are not part of my post-children diet.


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