All things British – Ghost Busters in London

5 Oct

If I say River Thames – what comes to your mind? A slow moving majestic river cutting across London? A water-body that has played such a huge role in human history? A river of vital importance to the rise of imperialism, industrial revolution and double-decker ferrys that are horrendously expensive?

Well, if you happen to say, “these words reminds me of a beautiful and domineering Nigerian Matron”, then Bingo, you are reading the right post, my friend!

When I first read about Ben Aaronovitch’s book in Amazon, it was not the review as such that caught my fancy, rather it was the price of the Kindle edition. Well, it did have my favourite city in it and magic and I was at a sort of loose ends with my reading– what can go wrong with £ 2 and 60 pennies? Was I wrong or was I wrong! I have fallen hook-line-and-sinker for this magic-laden Police drama.

I have now read all the four books twice and I got the books only recently. Ben Aaronovitch has now joined my list of authors whom I do not skip read at any cost – every line is fun!

PC Peter Grant has made the cut. He is cheeky, smart and is an Obama look-alike with an English Jazz musician dad and a Sierra Leonian mum who is a professional cleaning lady. And Peter himself is a Wizard’s apprentice! Resist that, if you can! I dare you! I double dare you!


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