Competition : Real or Imaginary?

27 Feb

An interesting conversation with friends prompted me to analyse the idea of competition.

The premise was “the West has a surplus but in countries like India with a huge population we have to fight for every scrap we can get. So we have to push our child to get better percentage, otherwise they will lose out”. On the surface the argument sounds valid but is it really true? My instinct is that this is not true.

I have no data to support any of my arguments here. So please feel free to shoot me a comment in case, I have written something illogical.

  • West has surplus

 I am trying to get some data to support my argument but let me just present my view on this matter based on just my experience (yes, one data-point – what a terrible scientist I am).

Having lived in Germany for 12 years I can attest to the fact that there is no surplus in Germany (Btw, Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world). People struggle just the same to make a living there. There is unemployment there too.

I have now looked at a few “western” economies and this is the same in every “developed” nation be it USA, UK or even the much touted Scandinavian nations. The West does not have a surplus of anything – neither jobs nor natural resources nor do they have unlimited university seats – no, there are no rivers of milk and honey flowing there. People have to work as hard as they would here to make a good living there.


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