Competition : Real or Imaginary?

27 Feb
  • Huge population means automatically less no.of jobs

Again, no. China has the highest population in the world but is the second largest economy in the world – and they are creating more jobs. Number of jobs is not a fixed number – we can create more jobs for more people. In India, in our heads, we have labelled STEM jobs as the desirable ones, other jobs do not count. Naturally, we have created a competition in STEM areas.

Please ponder this question that was posed by our school director:

we all want our children to be taught by the best teachers but how many of us would say we want our children to become teachers themselves?

  • Better grades

This is the tricky one, do better grades matter? Yes, they do.  Grades from exams in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th years are given importance to enter a good college.

And yes going to a good college and school is important– not because you get high-paying jobs but because they turn you out with the right attitude and values.

If you look closer though, even in the best schools and colleges, some students have the aptitude and nurture it, some have the aptitude but do not nurture it and even others are in the wrong place altogether and would have been happier and more successful if they had gone to a different school/college.

 Is this not so?

So the question now is: is competition necessary for better grades?

Getting better grades in exams can be achieved in two ways:

  • the student is hard-working
  • the student knows how to perform just the right amount to pass the exam ahead of another

Which one do you think makes it at workplace?


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