Competition : Real or Imaginary?

27 Feb

You may point out that in case of a promotion only the top performers get taken so you have to compete with your team members – but is it competition you need to nurture here or the competency in your job?

Of course, the bottom line could be that I just have to be better than the others in my team – that would get me a raise this year but can I always leave it to chance that some one will be worse than me so I need to do only the minimum to beat that other person?

We are all different and we are all skilled in our own ways. And we all made it to wherever we are because of what is inside of us not because our peers were less or better.

I can hear you saying “enough of the preaching, we know all this – we only want our children to be responsible and do well in school”.

Now ask yourself this:

Would it motivate my child to tell him/her, how if they do not study harder then ‘their’ seat will be taken away by the neighbour’s child?

Or would it be better for them to learn to work hard for themselves – to being committed to what they really want instead of ‘trying’ to do something out of fear of losing out?

Yes, the world is not a fair place and nothing comes easy but will your child have a better attitude towards life if they are brought up with fear of competition?

Would they have a better attitude with encouragement and competency? Is that not something you wished you had had more of while growing up? Encouragement and Acknowledgement?

Let us put our fears aside and bring in more optimism into our children’s lives. We can be realistic and still be encouraging, we could hold them responsible for their actions and yet, acknowledge their effort.

Perhaps then our children will grow up more free- to think, to create and be happy!

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


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