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The Legend of Bloody Mary

2 Nov

This the story of a mother’s fight for her daughter’s sleep! A true Halloween tale!

It all started one night when darkness had fallen and everything was quiet.

A little girl in her little bed somewhere in exotic Goa has a question for her mother. “Mama, is it midnight?” The mother who is also tired after a long day says “no, baby, it is not yet midnight, you should be fast asleep by then”.

The little girl fidgets for a while and says “I don’t want to sleep”.
Now the mother is alarmed, “Why?” she asks.
Lil’ one: “Because Bloody Mary might come”
Mother is now confused, “who or what is Bloody Mary?”
Lil’ one :”My friend told me that if she touched the white of her eye and said Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary came and took her at midnight, but her mama got her back. And now I am scared Bloody Mary might come, if I close my eyes”

Mother is amused by the story but also angry at the lil’ one’s friend for scaring her.
“Darling, there is no such thing as a woman called Bloody Mary, the only Bloody Mary I know is a drink, although it is not for kids. You don’t worry about Bloody Mary now, just imagine it as a drink with an umbrella in it!” (Yes, mother had no idea how a Bloody Mary looked either).

After coaxing and cuddling, the lil one fell asleep and so did mother from pure exhaustion trying to convince her daughter to the non-existence of monsters.

The next morning, the little girl had not forgotten the story, she wanted to know the details of the drink called ‘Bloody Mary’. Mother was herself vague on the background, so she pulled up a youtube-video of Jamie Oliver demonstrating the perfect ‘Bloody Mary’. Both mother and daughter were educated.

The story does not end there though. The daughter was still not over her fear of the legend of Bloody Mary.

The mother decided to sacrifice herself to help her daughter. At the next opportunity that presented itself, the mother decided to let her daughter see that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The family was out with friends one evening. The mother calmly ordered a ‘Bloody Mary’ and drank it – just so that her daughter could live without fear and see that Bloody Mary is now firmly imprisoned in mama’s tummy or liver or blood stream or whatever and can harm her daughter no more!

Thus was the story of my first (and hopefully only) brush with the alcoholic drink ‘Bloody Mary’!

Are the cockles of your heart warmed now?