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Condoms Vs Coy

25 Jun

Football world cup is affecting me, I am seeing everything as ‘X’ Vs ‘Y’.

So perhaps the title is misleading. What am I talking about? I am talking about the strange place called (Indian) politics. I am sure, you recognise the garden variety I am talking about – this parallel-universe populated entirely by people that have turned in their common sense and in some cases, the complete thinking apparatus called the brain when they joined this chest-beating, proselytising, moral-policing bandwagon called Politics.

The health minister of India made a statement to  ‘The New York Times’ about AIDS campaign in India. I quote him (from India Today)

“The thrust of the AIDS campaign should not only be on the use of condoms. This sends the wrong message that you can have any kind of illicit sexual relationship, but as long as you’re using a condom, it’s fine,”

Btw, the Health Minister is a doctor and he, more or less, said AIDS can be stopped with moral values!

Look at that quote again “condoms encourages people to think that they can have illicit sex and get away with it”. Wait, what? what did he say? What is illicit sex – is it like illicit liquor? Makes you go blind? Is made up in equal parts of battery acid and condoms(in this case)? In a barrel? A business run by mafia-like cartels?

And more importantly, is he saying that “illicit” sex should be punished by deadly disease?!? Is he seriously implying that?

Has he seen the AIDS campaign Ads done by the National AIDS Control Org of India? I have and I can assure him that the message sent by those Ads do not “encourage illegal activities“- it does not encourage any activity except wanting to kill yourself for sitting through that.

These Ads talk about everything from dirty food to dirty water and also about how the child in the womb can decide the hospital where he/she wants to be born, except sexual intercourse! The baby was probably brought by the stork as a blessing from God.

You have to have seen the ads to believe what I am saying!

The Ad about how you should talk to your children does not tell you what the hell you should be talking to your children about – the Ad asks you “would you let your child eat this unhygienically prepared food? would you let them drink from a dirty pool” – so where is the connection to AIDS? I am no wiser after the Ad than I was before. I only know that I should talk to my children about hygiene. Or where they suggesting that intercourse is unhygienic? Hmm… did not think of that. Or that you could get AIDS by eating street-food (or chow-mein, which of course, causes rapes in India)

The other Ad is to encourage parents to get tested for AIDS so that their unborn children can get better care, if necessary, when they are born but the Ad is so long with such unnecessary details like how the mother decides what to buy at a grocery store based on the baby’s kicks, then she chooses which veggies to buy, which doctor to go to for delivery etc – yes, you guessed it, based on baby’s kicks. Both father and mother are then advised by the doctor to get tested for AIDS. This whole Ad gives you the feeling AIDS is some condition that might just happen during pregnancies, so you should get yourself tested, it is definitely not anything preventable.

I understand ‘better late than never’ and promoting testing for AIDS as doing the right thing by your unborn child but what about not even getting there and preventing the whole disease thing by using c-o-n-d-o-m-s?!?

I leave that to our health minister and his Ministry of Silly Values to clear up.

Don’t even think about saying ‘But…Kama Sutra..’ Oh, India, what a hypocrite you have become!

ps: About being not in touch with reality – all this, comes on the heels of a famous Hindi Actor modelling and endorsing Durex condoms.