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Despair or empower?

19 Jul

I want to stop ranting. I want to stop getting frustruated by this country that I call ‘my country of origin’. I want to open the newspaper and not want to kill people. But I do. I really wanted to nice funny post on something, instead I am ranting about the death of 22 small children in a village in Bihar. 

I should only feel sadness for these lost lives but I am angry – not because they were taken at a young age but because even in such a tragedy, some extremely stupid monsters claim a conspiracy instead of investigating the case. Instead of saying sorry, this will not happen on my watch again, the politician has said that some one who is against the principal’s husband’s political party poisoned the children to cast these paragons of good virtue in a bad light!!!

Some one got greedy and fed those children sub-standard food, they took the money, lined their own pockets and gave those poor children food that was stored in fertilizer barrels. Some one was ignorant and some one was greedy, some one was responsible. But no, no that is not what happened. Some monster came out and poisoned the food of 22 innocents (all under 10) so that they could make a political party – a political party, for God’s sake- look bad!!! And my Bihari driver believes this crap and says, yes there are such people who would stoop to that kind of level because fertilizer is not being used right now in Bihar!!!! I wanted to kill my driver too – I do not know whether to cry about his ignorance or weep about it if he was right.

Is this country a place worth living in, if such monsters would live here, if such evil creatures abound here that would do such things because you can hate a party so much? If this was the only time, I would have just been angry for a while and then left it at that, but this is not an isolated case. There was another Bengali politician who claimed that opposition party finances criminals to rape women to cast their political party in a bad light! And this crap is believed by the ignorant crowd and instead of asking for a proper investigation to prevent further cases, instead of asking for law and order in their state, instead of asking for justice against corrupt officials, the mob turns against another political party! I was nauseated! I cannot change this forsaken land! I was ready to pack my bags and leave forever. 

Then my I see the children in my son’s school. I see their shiny faces and their enthusiasm. I see the parents and the teachers working so hard because they believe in something. The passion that they can change the world, the faith that things will work out, the ability to look beyond all this pessimism and see hope. I want to believe in them, I want the country to be al right for them. I do not want despair to drown the joy of these young ones.

 I have a request to anyone who has any influence with the media, educate these people. The Government is a lost cause but the media and the youth are our best chance, please empower the common man to break out of his ignorance, his arrogance and his stupid world-view and empower people to ask question and not just accept. If you are not going to have any values what good are traditions? Empower people to think for themselves and not align themselves based on partisan politics, caste and community.