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11 Oct

Recipe to make a shameless movie


1 thin plot (might completely crumble during editing of the movie – beware)

3-4 stellar actors (depending on stellarness, if small, then take 4; available in family packs)

6 non-melodious, useless, pointless songs (look in special mediocrity stores)

1 completely nondescript overacting heroine (taken in large doses causes severe hatred)

1 villain in Jodhpuri pants and diamond earrings

2-3 fast German cars (make sure they are red and shiny – you can contact the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce for support)

1  famous director (could also be famous for controversies – adjust according to taste – there is no accounting for taste anyway)

  • Mix all the above ingredients together
  • Add a few kids and babies from an orphanage to give it a nice dreary tone.
  • Sprinkle it generously with toilet humour
  • Layer some atrocious looking clothes and dialogues to make it completely unpalatable.
  • Put in the oven for a couple of years.

When it is done and stinking, if you still have any taste left, you may share the misery with your friends.

I am going to wash off the taste of ‘Besharam’ with some pangalactic gargle blaster. I might never recover – I might need some therapy!


Completely Jawaanied and Diwanied!

13 Jun

‘Yeh Jawaani hai Diwaani‘ is an adorable film. This movie was the best 120 rupees I had spent in a long time! It has been quite a while since I had watched a Bollywood movie in a theater and loved it. Not many spoilers, so please continue reading.

The word ‘adorable’ is the only thing that comes to my mind when I see Ranbir Kapoor. He is a consummate actor that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. He is so natural in his timing and delivery that the situation remains on this side of exciting instead of becoming unbearable – if the balance but tips even a little, the scene would have ended up being a run-of-the-mill hamming. He does it effortlessly or atleast makes it look that way. Wonderful performance. He should skip growing beards in his movies though – it does not make him look more grown-up or serious or artsy. It just makes him look unkempt (unless and of course it is necessary to look dishevelled as in Rockstar). He will do just fine, as long as he delivers his dialogue with that kind of a twinkle in the eye and restraint. Have I mentioned that he was just adorable? Yes, I would like to adopt him, please.

In the lat 80s and 90s, advertisement for Liril soap used to scintillate the Indian public with a girl in a bikini, half-seen, half hidden by some waterfalls. The word that was associated with the ad was ‘refreshing’. Kalki Koechlin’s performance was just that – refreshing! Deepika looks refreshing but Kalki is refreshing! Kalki’s character was dazzling – pure panache! Refreshing to see that portrayed in a Bollywood movie- without any moralizing or proselytizing. It was full of no-excuses, this-is-the-way-I-am, take it or leave it. Her enthusiasm was infectious. The director has done a fantastic job with that character.

DP did well too. She can just walk into a scene, smile her dimpled-smile and not just sweep the hero away but also everyone else in the audience. She was convincing as a butterfly coming out of a cocoon but then with those legs, its not possible to be a caterpillar.

Aditya Roy Kapur was there to add spice to the storyline and did a good job considering he had limited scope. Farookh Sheik performance was heart-warming, Tanvi Azmi and Dolly were perfect in their roles. I wish there had been a scene where Bunny meets Dolly (the pun is intentional).

The director gets all the kudos for such a well-constructed plot and for making the characters so believable. Little nudges here and there tell you why Bunny wants to see the world, how Naina can’t lose, that Avi is an incurable loser and that Aditi is a free-spirit. The songs are not memorable but the picturization gives you a happy buzz. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and came out with a feeling of contentment.

Please don’t leave your seats yet. Ishtory abi bakhi hai bhai! Credit roll:

I could completely connect with the women in the movie. Till I left for university at the age of 18, I was Deepika’s character – I had to come first, always, even when I was not good at something. I was a sore loser and serious as hell. When I went to university and realized that I am not as good as I thought, it was a relief and I turned into Kalki’s character and had a blast. Now, my hope is, that I will still remain as flexible as Madhuri Dixit and if necessary, rock a party! Madhuri does a look a bit weary (don’t know if that was bad make-up) but her dancing skill and speed is still amazing!

Okay, now you can all leave the theater and please do not forget to take your popcorn bags with you! Have a nice day!

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