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Cowbells and Canola fields

17 Oct

Imagine a rolling field of canola flowers, a gentle breeze blowing across the nodding heads of yellow buds, the tinkling of genuine alpine cowbells, mandolin music….a man straightens up, slowly and dramatically, opens his arms up to welcome you in to an embrace….. sigh

(if that doesn’t make your heart go wummmm like a tuning fork, I don’t know what else can- oh yes, forgot to mention, there are dimples involved!)

If you had been a teenager growing up in India in the early 90’s, you would immediately know what I am talking about. The scene that came to epitomise romance for millions of teens in 1995 – ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya leh Jayenge’ lovingly called ‘DDLJ’ – loosely translated: ‘The Brave gets the Bride’ (I like alliterations). This movie made every Indian teen believe that Switzerland is heaven, not just a tax-haven. Alpine cowbells probably beat the sale of Swiss chocolates that year because every Indian that went to Switzerland that year or thereafter did not leave that country without acquiring one for their loved one.

My regular readers know of my turbulent relationship with Shah Rukh Khan (King Khan). A friend asked me recently how can I be so besot with that man – he overacts all the time. It is not just Shah Rukh Khan I adore, it is the character he plays – the larger-than-life romantic hero and yes, he can play that to the hilt and that is not overacting!

He never ever gives up on his lady-love, he never ever would turn away from a confrontation (be it with his father, the girl’s father, his boss, the police or even terrorists), he who would fight till the end with whatever means necessary. He rarely harasses the girl to fall in love with him – he just wins them over by being naughty, silly, with his over-the-top antics and look-into-my-eyes look. In his movies, love develops over a period of time- sometimes it takes the entire length of the movie which can go up-to 3 hours but hey, all good things take time. So you wait till the credits roll, do you hear?


Don’t miss this train! (Part III)

31 Aug

I promised a long time ago that I will share my take on the movie ‘Chennai Express’ as soon as I have seen it. Well, the time has come as I have watched it twice now. That statement should mean something to you, my dear reader. Twice!

Remember my rant about the director mixing up the States of India etc? I take it all back! Rohith Shetty (the director) is on the top of my invitation list for a nice Tamil breakfast of Idli-Vadai-Sambhar-Pongal*!

(* for those people who insist on additional infos – it is like a combo-meal with 4 different items)

Mr. Shetty has managed to make a 2hr 24min movie in which 2 hrs have been dedicated to tourism in Goa and Kerala and in some part, to Tamil Nadu. What with the Rupee at its weakest, we could not have asked for a better blessing! Come people, come and carry your wives up the 300 steps and get blessed with the same woman for the next 7 births! If that is not incentive enough!

Enough of numbers, let us talk camera. Beautiful camera shots – saturated with vibrant colours! And I can say with certainty that they photo-shopped the delta of River Mandovi (which is credited as ‘International Waters between India and Sri Lanka’ in the movie) – I have never seen it that blue and I have been living right at that spot for a year now! Oh well, in show business , I guess even stately rivers have to wear make-up.

Mr. Shetty also tried to give the international exposure folk dances in Tamil Nadu and Kerala deserve – he managed to pack everything in that one song and make it not look jumbled! Hats-off! And that reminds me, the look Shah Rukh Khan carries off with that lungi & leather-jacket & hat – (let me paraphrase ’50 Shades of Grey’) – “oh my”!

Now that I have come to the part, I really wanted to rave about, let me say it – Shah Rukh Khan! As my previous post stated, I had ended our almost 14 years of relationship after ‘Don’, but now? He caught that ‘Chennai Express’ and choo-chooed back into my heart – extended his hand to help me back into his fan-coach! Déjà vu- ‘Maine yeh pehle bhi kiya hai’!

Yes, he over-acted his way back into my life and soon, my DVD-collection. Long live the King!

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