Men, Women, Equality

27 Jun

It has some disturbing content but it is worth the watch.

I ask myself, why do women not behave the way they behave in the video – why do a group of girls never molest a guy who is alone but the other way around happens all the time?

Are we raising our sons and daughters properly? Are we being proper role-models? I pledge to raise my son to be empathetic and my daughter to take her rights to be a human being seriously!

Live and let live!


My favourite TV newsman(!) interviews one of my most fav GoT character

15 Jul

I have not had time to even check my emails these past few days. I would like to share this one though. The interview was broadcasted in March -the comic timing is exceptional!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Pehla Nasha A Capella by Alaa Wardi

5 Apr

He is magic!